Costume d'Écossaise in GREEN 1917

Costume d'Écossaise in GREEN 1917

This Scottish Highland Costume appeared in L.S.D.S. in 1917 during the first World War. Most likely a nod to the Scottish Allies, Bleuette's costume is similar to an officer's. Vintage green cotton velveteen with gold work embroidery and a pleated wool plaid skirt, the many beautiful accessories include:

  • top-stitched leather belt with antique brass buckle
  •  leather "sporran" with tassel
  • Glengarry cap  with antique "badge" and vintage ribbons
  • tiny velvet epaulets
Your own darling Bleuette will become a Scottish lassie in this superb ensemble!

Note: doll, socks and shoes are not included

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