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Categories :: Graphic design :: Book

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The Restless Bookmarktextured bookmarks for tangible books: crystal. glass. velvet. metals. stone. guardians. place-keepers. for hardback, paperback, leather and cloth bound tomes. books. journals. albums. treasure … USA made.
Lea NicklessI work with watercolor, mixed media and the form of the book. Natural forms, especially microscopic images, inform my work. I am drawn to the unseen and the unknown.
Andrea Brown's Outsider’s StudioArtist and curator, teacher too, Andrea Brown's Outsider's world showcases her many passions.
Art Renditions Gallery ~ Artist Ren DanielsMy art represents people places and things that I'm passionate about. It helps me express my appreciation of life and all of it's simple pleasures.
The ZbOROVAN PortfolioThe Paintings of ZbOROVAN
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