Yellow Orchid
Yellow Orchid

John Valois and I are having an exhibition in Balboa Park in November.  It will feature paintings, digital photographs and digital compositions. 

Because light and color are two exciting and essential ways for visual artists to express themselves, we decided to concentrate on summer and autumn.

For many years I resisted using the color yellow in my art. Recently, I concluded that my dislike for the color was irrational and decided to concentrate on yellow.  In this show, I've brought many images where yellow is the dominant color, such as, Late Summer Meditation, shown below.  Here, I have placed it next to a rich blue.

Late Summer Meditation
Late Summer Meditation

As many of you know, purple is the complement of yellow on the color wheel.  I have used a shade of blue which is two steps removed from purple.  According to Itten, whose book, The Elements of Color, is the sine qua non among colorists, choosing color harmonies where one color is matched to another that resides two steps away from its complement, are most pleasing to the eye.  When you see this painting at the gallery, let me know whether you agree.

Here are the details of the show.  Please visit Balboa Park and stop in to see our work.  If you cannot make it to the reception, the exhibition will be on view for almost  two weeks.

Summer Light, Autumn Color
an exhibition by Dana Levine and John Valois

Gallery 21, Spanish Village, Balboa Park,
1770 Village Place,  San Diego, CA 92101

Nov. 9th through Nov. 21, 2016
11 am - 4 pm daily

Reception:  Sunday, No.v 13th from 1 - 3 pm

Straw Hats and Lantern
Straw Hats and Lantern

I've also included a favorite image taken in St. Augustine, Florida, at one of the earliest settlements in the United States.


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