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New Approach


Trinidad through my window
Life is very different at 65 than it was at 55, and 2022 is very different than 2012. My time is winding down and I look around and just shake my head...who are these people, my fellow Americans? Don't they realize we're all in this together?

There seems to be a complete disconnect from reality for those living off the fat of the land...real people can't do that, why do we let them? There seems to be some voter backlash against some of the worst of what is out there but it isn't going away.

I am getting a new insight away from California and the Coast...Colorado is smaller than I thought it was. That is there are less people here and concentration is centered in Denver. There are some options just not available in outlying locations.

Maybe my whole Time-Space Continuum has shifted as the cost of Transportation has risen and my body has aged. There are fundamental changes taking place and I'm not sure we're even aware what they are...

Think it may be appropriate to delve into Surrealism again...


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