I started drawing at a young age, but didn't take it seriously until 2004. I've learned a lot under D.G. Perrin's guidance, who has his degree in fine arts in San Diego.

  I am inspired by so many of the great artists. I love reading about them and studying their methods. Too many and such a wide variety to list.

 I've been to many countries, France, Spain, Japan, Holland, plus many states here in America. Seeing all the museums and galleries and cities has been very exciting. These places all left a great mark on me and add to my inspiration. I paint more then ever and I put a lot of thought and care into each piece of art.

  My reward is in a new discovery with each of my paintings. It's all a work in progress. Each piece shows growth and discovery. It's exciting to see what I come up with next. All of my work is filled with a great deal of emotion for my subjects with colors and movement. My goal is to bring feeling to peoples life whether it be with my abstract work, my stills or city life. I work both from photographs and plain air depending on the subject and location. Sometimes I combine both. I also enjoy oil, acrylics and soft pastels. Some work is done on recycled plywood, and some is done on canvas, I like working on both.

I've been showing my work at the Peoples Gallery in Portland Oregon since 2012.  

'The Big 300' 2012

'The Big 400' in 2013

'The Big 500' in 2014

 3 shows "For the Love of Portland"

I've also shown at Good Foot 'I Am There For I Think' 2014

Four of my pieces were in season 5 of the Show 'Portlandia' in four different episodes.

My work is now (2015) currently being shown at Myrtle's Tea House in Ridgefield WA.

I have five pieces at the Goodfoot 'I Am Therefore I Think'                                                               August 27th - Sep. 21,2015

10 pieces will be at The Peoples Gallery in Portland OR.  for the Big 500 show
Dec 12,2015 to Jan 16,2016 

3 pieces are at the Goodfoot in Portland OR "I am therefore I Think" Aug. 25th to Sept 26th 2016

2 pieces at The North Bank Gallery in Vancouver WA "The art of Politics" Oct.3-29th 2016

10 pieces at the Ford Gallery in Portland OR for the Big 500 show
December 10,2016- December 23 2016

I have 5 pieces at The Good Foot in Portland OR...'I Am, There for I Think'
June 29 - July 25 2017

10 pieces... Pioneer Place Mall Portland OR Dec.9-24 2017 Big500

My Piece 'Fear" is showing at the Cave gallery downtown Vancouver in the Politiks Show October 5,2018 to October 27th 2018

My work is hanging at Revive Designs in Portland For the Holiday season 2018

I have two pieces being auctioned at the Downtown Vancouver Library Friday Dec.7th 2018

My work is currently hanging at Fleur Chocolate 1304 main st Vancouver WA summer 2019..stop in and enjoy some chocolate and coffee and enjoy the art

I have 3 pieces showing now at the Goodfoot Portland OR... I Am There For I Think a social commentary art show in Portland 12-5- 19 to Jan 28th 

I have a piece hanging at The Cave Gallery  in Vancouver for the Love Show For Feb 2021. The Piece is called Affectionate Entrapment and represents my love of birds.

I have one piece hanging at the Cave Gallery for the Environmental Destiny show for the month of April 2021, The piece is called A New Day A New Way

I have Beautiful Bird showing at the Cave Gallery right now. Ancestral Echoes is the name of the show for the month of June 2021.


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