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Marila Guilliams Fine Art

Artist directory :: Marila Guilliams Fine Art

Paintings with warped perspectives and exciting color

Marila Guilliams Fine Art


Marila Guilliams 
My artwork is a window into a place that was once dark but is now painted in the bright colors that have surrounded me my whole life. I grew up in Hawaii and moved to the Pacific Northwest at age 15. I have been surrounded by a wonderland of color most of my life. Whether it be the warm colors of the pacific sunset over the blue ocean or the evergreen trees. My journey with art started as a way to cope with both my bipolar and seizure disorder. It has now become so much more. I find inspiration comes from my surroundings in both land and cityscapes. A lot of time coming from the cities I have traveled to or from long walks I have taken in my own beautiful neighborhood. It all starts with a sketch book I carry with me and a photo I snap for inspiration....


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Vancouver, WA 98660
United States


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