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Marila Guilliams

Artist directory :: Marila Guilliams

Paintings with warped perspectives and exciting color

Marila Guilliams


Marila Guilliams 
I started drawing at a young age, but didn't take it seriously until 2004. I've learned a lot under D.G. Perrin's guidance, who has his degree in fine arts in San Diego. I am inspired by so many of the great artists. I love reading about them and studying their methods. Too many and such a wide variety to list. I've been to many countries, France, Spain, Japan, Holland, plus many states here in America. Seeing all the museums and galleries and cities has been very exciting. These places all left a great mark on me and add to my inspiration. I paint more then ever and I put a lot of thought and care into each piece of art. My reward is in a new discovery with each of my paintings. It's all a work in progress. Each piece shows growth and discovery....


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Vancouver, WA 98660
United States


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