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My favorite time of the day--Early Morning Sunrise. Well done. :) Love Mom
-- Sandra Zimmerman, 2/7/17

I just took a gander at your website. Beautiful talent that you have! Keep striving! Thanks so much for sharing your art and being such a nice spirited person. I'm glad to have met both you and your husband. Keep on keepin on. :)
-- Nikki, 4/13/16

Hi Marila, Great work on the Gris Mill that we talked about and surprise today we received the North County News in the mail and on the front page is an article about the Mill with a picture. Your work is really grand, well done!
-- Susan, 3/16/16

Good Morning Marila, Wow! I really enjoyed looking at all these works of your art. I love your use of color and you inspire me to get at the projects I have to do. Lloyd and I had such a great time Sunday ! See you soon.
-- Susan , 9/14/15

Beautiful paintings from a very talented artist.
-- Sherri Zimmerman, 6/25/15

We love your work, you are very good
-- Ken And Joanie, 6/25/15

Simply lovely, I really like the one called Peace in Japan.
-- Sandra, 9/25/14

Your work is fantastic!
-- Marietta Stoda, 9/14/14

Simply Wonderful, loved every painting and pastel! I had a wonderful time browsing through the paintings. XOX
-- Sandra Zimmerman, 5/10/14

Love it! This site really showcases your work!
-- Laurel, 4/5/14