Sea Turtle
Acrylic on Canvass

Marnie is the founder and curator of Voices Gallery in Corvallis.  A member's only exhibition space that participates in the Corvallis Arts Walk. All are invited every third Thursday from 4-8!

Welcome and thank you for taking a moment
to experience some of my art work.
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Creating Animal Spirit Paintings brings me amazing joy. 
The animal world is so vast and glorious, it holds unlimited inspiration.

I also love doing pet companion portraits.
My unique style has a whimsical way of capturing the companions spirit.

Please email me if you are interested in commissioning a custom animal spirit painting or purchasing a current work of art or print.

Thank you again for your visit.


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Thank you for visiting Marnie Ernst
If you know anyone who loves art or who likes animals,
please direct them to my site. 
I also do custom original acrylic paintings and prints are available. 
I love to create pet portraits!

 Marnie Ernst ZoaCorvallis, OR541-224-1254