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I’m very happy to see another great artist from our region!
-- Jim Lessard, 8/26/18

Love your paintings. As animal lovers ourselves we so much appreciate others who are. Your art is absolutely stunning!
-- Suzi & Chris Weaver, 4/29/18

Mark KertzmanWonderful stuff! So unique, colorful and alive!
-- Mark Kertzman, 3/15/14

Really Cool.
-- Christy Guinan, 2/17/14

good job Marnie
-- Deanna Galindo, 2/15/14

Love your work Marnie, you portray the essence of each animal.
-- Inge King, 2/15/14

-- Barb Thayer, 2/15/14

Truly unique and one of a kind. Highly recommend!
-- Brian Brooks, 3/15/13

LOVE your work Marnie! The vibrant colors are wonderful as well as the interpretation of the subject! Kudos!
-- Sally Poole, 5/29/12

hi marnie, i stumbled upon your artwork and thought i recognized your name from back in high school. beautiful work, very impressive.
-- Ollie Gandsey, 9/27/11

Beautiful! I am so impressed!!
-- Penelope Ernst Honniball, 6/27/11

Big Fan!
-- Kayce Blomberg, 5/11/11

I love your artwork!
-- Judy Dedek, 3/27/11

I'm treasurer of the Corvallis Art Guild. I hadn't seen your artwork until now. WOW! You and I have a lot in common. So nice to meet you. I love your work.
-- Judy Dedek, 2/11/11

Your very talented! I love this stuff!
-- David Bendel, 11/28/10

Wow! I really love your artwork, especially the color choice. :) Everything about your paintings is beautiful! I'm glad you gave me your card so that I could come an browse through your work. It's really good, you should be super proud of your abilities. :)
-- Stacie Struble, 10/21/10

Beautiful artwork Marnie! I know you will be successful or should I say, you are successful! Good Luck
-- Yvonne Ward, 8/29/10

Love it!
-- Katie Enright, 8/4/10

Love your words & you beautiful art. Thank you for showing all for everyone. HUGS & KISSES
-- Susan Kraft Yorke , 7/23/10

-- Amy Price, 7/1/10

Thank you for visiting Marnie Ernst
If you know anyone who loves art or who likes animals,
please direct them to my site. 
I also do custom original acrylic paintings and prints are available. 
I love to create pet portraits!

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