Slowly I Awaken


Slowly I awaken
I learned to walk sleeping

My halfsleep a means to survive

The pain. The sadness. The fear.

My honor stolen before I could name it

my childhood sullied with memories unfit for the light

My dictionary rewritten...mother...father..sister...


My nightmares made real

Fears realized are so hard to unlearn

Pain is never unfelt

But sadness wains and fear is concurred

my light will not be extinguished

Nor hidden. Nor ignored.

I shine for her now - my child

Her honor, her memories, her words

Like a forest fire

Her love burns the evil from my heart

and as a family our light is blinding

My dictionary again rewritten




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Marnie- that is a beautiful poem. Thank you for that. You are a lucky & strong woman. Lucky, because your soft animal body carries a woman warrior spirit & deeply loving soul. Strong, because you face & turn your darkest times into towards the light. -love, Susan
-- Susan, 9/30/12




Acceptance gives us no chance to fight

We must go peacefully to receive the light

It leads us to crossroads too many to count

Watching intently as we assess the routes

Always there are two roads from which to choose

Never as simple as one you win and one you loose

The first road begins from the core of your soul

The one that makes you feel like you’re in control

It is easy to choose, for you know this road well

Most take it often thought the conditions are hell

Littered with ruble from days long past

Around every corner a life changing task

The consequences are often unknown

The responsibility always yours alone

The second road is the one where acceptance lies

It mimics the path that the cunning crow flies

Over mountains of failure and seas of regret

It leads you to freedom if you can stomach it

This road appears frightening and perilous

It gives you no choices, just hang on and care less

Have faith that this path when take

Alters the perception of mistakes we’re all making

Instead they become mere visions of pain and love

As we fly swiftly forward to the next crossroads


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I read this in The Alchemist and now I've got it pinned up on my wall above my desk. It's pretty good. I have been experimenting pretty heavily with acceptance over the past few months. "Mere visions of pain and love." With acceptance, I feel less psychologically attached to my experiences, yet at the same time, it feels like the experiences are being lived more fully and vividly. Even the shit I don't like becomes vital communiques from the universe, testifying for the existence of love. But one perception I have which seems to be the opposite of what you wrote in the poem concerns choice. I find the first path, the one of attempting to control everything originates from the surface structure of my personality, not the core of my soul. It's acceptance that comes comes from the core, because real acceptance for me seems to only be able to come from a genuine acknowledgement of the core of my soul. Acceptance, I find, is also the path where true responsibility lies for me, because the surface personality structure actually has little power of choice at all. It's a servant, informed by it's own "whims," which are actually a bit more like programs and ingrained habits and compulsions than real inspired choices. That's what it seems like to me at least. But when I find acceptance, it seems that one of the things I must accept is that the road of freedom is a choice that must be continually made. What do you think? Do you think these views contradict your own, or do you suppose we are discussing the same thing from different angles?
-- Bryan, 2/14/11

Destiny Won't Wait


Destiny Won’t Wait

We wither when we wait

Never postpose a dance with fate

Let him brush your brow- make promises for tomorrow

For hidden between seductive words and sultry glances

Your Destiny prances

She cleverly chooses Fate as her disguise

Lurking in his shadow awaiting prying eyes

You mush want me – she teases

The smell of your fear displeases

Fate frantically blows you kisses on the wind

Don’t be fooled friend, he claims

She and I are the same

You but know us by different names

Truth be told, they are twins

Where one ends - the other begins

The gate between them is your Soul

Will it wonder through the garden

Or walk on and take control

We wither when we wait to dance

Your destiny does not linger for chance

She looks for you to make a choice

When you don’t, you’ll hear Fate rejoice

Don’t cry sister, it was me – Fate

She replies clearly- Destiny won’t wait


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Dragon Fly Mystery


Dragon Fly Mystery

Each morning I watch the dragon fly hunt above the water way

For what does he search so early in the day

Does some unsuspecting creature lurk above the pool in the early morning light

Or perhaps it is thirst which draws him to this flight

Every now and then a curious bird perches on the fence

Their mouths watering at the sight of him but intimidated by his diligence

A rival dragon fly swoops down in search of the same illusive treasure no doubt

Our warrior dismisses him, his dominance pronounced

For what does this mighty soldier so steadily seek

Perhaps his own reflection asks him the questions whose answers I too seek


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Your Love


Your love is the water
that runs through my faucet
the light that shines from my bulb
my voice booms from your speakers
your thoughts sneak into my skull
my vision is seen through your lenses
whats yours or mine now hard to tell
Your Love spins my wheels
it stops them cold as well
each day that our paths mingle
is a day that I long for more
Your Love is the roof on this house I've built
You are the window You are the door
I am the flower You are the Spring
You give Your Love freely
yet it cost me everything


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Climbing the mountain of life can be a blast
the paths to the end are varied and vast
some take it slow, planning every step
in effort to avoid the sting of regret
others sprint forward as fast as they can go
always with their eyes on the next plateau
some feel the path less traveled is best
searching for adventure, longing without rest
a few meet the end just as soon as they start
a tragedy that truly can break our hearts
some are content to let others pass them by
they smile the roses, while others choose to fly
whatever the path that we take to the top
let is lead us to the lessons we were meant to be taught


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Cinderella Cinderella
Don't put that
glass slipper on
The promises
of wine and roses
don't last for very long
When the ball is over
and the music fades away
Will you be his fare princess
or just his chamber maid
Give a thought
to who you are
To who you want to be
Does he see the light
within your heart
or only what he wants to see
Life is not a fairy tale
Although magic does exist
Now you must decide
if this is real
or merely a mystical tryst
Will he brave the fiery dragons
you pass along the way
or will he tie you to a stone
a sacrifice to be paid
You wear the crown
You hold the mighty staff
Let him linger in the court awhile
to see if his charms
will truly last
Cinderella Cinderella
Don't put that glass slipper on
Let him fight for your heart
while you have your work boots on



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Crystal clean serenity
Illusive as the wind
Will I find it
Hold it
Like a long lost friend

Seen solely from within
Isolated moments
Will I feel it
When it happens again

Of heart and mind
A treasure
We all seek
Life hands us
The soil and sunshine
It is the seed
That we must reap


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Try Me


Try Me
try me
test the waters of my will
I want it
tell me that I can't
watch in wonder as I flaunt it
try me
tease me with your doubts
I crave it
candy apple obstacle
I can taste it
try me skeptic
lull me to sleep with your songs of reason
I shall awake
with new purpose and dedication
try me
I long to see
that look in your eyes
a touch of regret
mingled with surprise


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Amazing, Inspiring and so definitely Marnie at her very best!
-- Gina, 7/26/09

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