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The Charge The Charge
Started in 2015 - The Charge is a series inspired by a new bold brush stroke technique.  It is meant to expose the emotion behind the rushing movements of charging wildlife.

Wild Words Wild Words

Wild Words is a collection of paintings that discuss the powerful words we associate with animals and use to personify their traits. Words are powerful. The way we use them says much about us. The way we treat animals also speaks volumes. Living creatures populate planet earth. Each important and special in their own way. We treasure them. We use them. We mimic them. Do we truly give them the credit they deserve or the respect? I say we don't yet and I look forward to a day when we do.

Owls Owls
These amazing birds inspire thoughts of wisdom, freedom and stealth.  I felt they deserved their own series. All of these owl types are found in the Pacific Northwest.

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