Marnie Ernst Zoa ~ Born in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1974 - Graduated from Kalamazoo College in Michigan in 1996 - Began painting in 1993 -Living and creating in Corvallis, Oregon since 2001.

In addition to my love of art,I am a wife and new mother, real estate agent and writer.

Nature inspires me.  I look to express the emotion and beauty I see in everything that surrounds me. My pallet reflects my passion for animals, for color, for culture - for life!

I believe animals are a treasure - they are healers - unconditional lovers - innocent and beautiful.  The glorious diversity in nature allows for limitless inspiration.

Pet Portraits are one of my favorite projects.  I love to meet people and find out about their pets...if they are with us or passed on...I do my best to capture their personalities and inner light...the love of their pets is always apparent to my clients in the paintings their commission. If you or someone you know would enjoy having a tribute to their beloved animal friend(s), contact me.  I would be honored and delighted!

All is Not Lost

Why not she said

why not

and it echoed inside

of me

why not       me

and I rose

Inside myself

and found her

me       why not

of course

I can

Do      Be       Live

that life

Any life

Just do it she said

and she said

and he said

why not

just do it

I Will

I will do it

I am

Have always been

am becoming


She survives


on life

Her       my power

serges now

Tears drip

like leaky spigots

every other


minute or so

I feel alive

Why not live

every second

every dream




I Will

Why not

all was not lost


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