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Marnie Ernst Zoa Fine Artist

Artist directory :: Marnie Ernst Zoa Fine Artist

Vivid Nature inspired Fine Art and Animal Spirit Paintings by Marnie Ernst Zoa. Captivated by wildlife as well as the relationship between people and their pets. Companion animal spirit paintings are my specialty.

Marnie Ernst Zoa Fine Artist


Marnie Ernst Zoa 
Marnie Ernst Zoa ~ Born in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1974 - Graduated from Kalamazoo College in Michigan in 1996 - Began painting in 1993 -Living and creating in Corvallis, Oregon since 2001. In addition to my love of art,I am a wife and new mother, real estate agent and writer. Nature inspires me. I look to express the emotion and beauty I see in everything that surrounds me. My pallet reflects my passion for animals, for color, for culture - for life! I believe animals are a treasure - they are healers - unconditional lovers - innocent and beautiful. The glorious diversity in nature allows for limitless inspiration. Pet Portraits are one of my favorite projects. I love to meet people and find out about their pets...if they are with us or...


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1404 NW Havengreen Pl
Corvallis, OR 97330
United States


The Charge Started in 2015 - The Charge is a series inspired by a new bold brush stroke technique. It is meant to expose the emotion behind the rushing movements of charging wildlife.
Wild Words  Wild Words is a collection of paintings that discuss the powerful words we associate with animals and use to personify their traits. Words are powerful. The way we use them says much about us.
Owls These amazing birds inspire thoughts of wisdom, freedom and stealth. I felt they deserved their own series. All of these owl types are found in the Pacific Northwest.
Beauty is Wild Unique wildlife portraits. Beauty is Wild features a bold color pallet. The layors, lines, scratches and dots give these paintings a unique texture.
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Slowly I Awaken
Dedicated to the many for I am not alone

Crossroads Acceptance gives us no chance to fight We must go peacefully to receive the light It leads us to crossroads too many to count Watching intently as we assess the routes Always there are two roads from which to choose Never as simple as one you win and one you loose The first road begins from the core of your soul The one that makes you feel like you’re in control It is easy to choose, for you know this road well Most take it often thought the conditions are hell Littered with ruble...

Destiny Won't Wait
Destiny Won’t Wait We wither when we wait Never postpose a dance with fate Let him brush your brow- make promises for tomorrow For hidden between seductive words and sultry glances Your Destiny prances She cleverly chooses Fate as her disguise Lurking in his shadow awaiting prying eyes You mush want me –she teases The smell of your fear displeases Fate frantically blows you kisses on the wind Don’t be fooled friend, he claims She and I are the same You but know us by different names Truth be...

Dragon Fly Mystery
Dragon Fly Mystery Each morning I watch the dragon fly hunt above the water way For what does he search so early in the day Does some unsuspecting creature lurk above the pool in the early morning light Or perhaps it is thirst which draws him to this flight Every now and then a curious bird perches on the fence Their mouths watering at the sight of him but intimidated by his diligence A rival dragon fly swoops down in search of the same illusive treasure no doubt Our warrior dismisses him, his...

Your Love
Your love is the water that runs through my faucet the light that shines from my bulb my voice booms from your speakers your thoughts sneak into my skull my vision is seen through your lenses whats yours or mine now hard to tell Your Love spins my wheels it stops them cold as well each day that our paths mingle is a day that I long for more Your Love is the roof on this house I've built You are the window You are the door I am the flower You are the Spring You give Your Love freely yet it...

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