Cinderella Cinderella
Don't put that
glass slipper on
The promises
of wine and roses
don't last for very long
When the ball is over
and the music fades away
Will you be his fare princess
or just his chamber maid
Give a thought
to who you are
To who you want to be
Does he see the light
within your heart
or only what he wants to see
Life is not a fairy tale
Although magic does exist
Now you must decide
if this is real
or merely a mystical tryst
Will he brave the fiery dragons
you pass along the way
or will he tie you to a stone
a sacrifice to be paid
You wear the crown
You hold the mighty staff
Let him linger in the court awhile
to see if his charms
will truly last
Cinderella Cinderella
Don't put that glass slipper on
Let him fight for your heart
while you have your work boots on



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