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Head of Christ #6
In September, 2021 I was in Maine with a friend and stopped in Camden to pay my respects to my mother Mary. We were able to go into the memorial garden where she is buried, and I wanted to see the plaque inside with her name, but the doors were locked. The man we asked outside who showed us in was very kind. I told him that she had given the former pastor a portrait of the head of Christ and that he had wanted to give it back to me. I said that I had told him that she wanted him to have it. The gentleman got an amazed look on his face, and he asked us to wait and hurried down to the basement. He returned carrying the painting and said he had discovered it down there only the day before. His eyes and mine filled with tears. He had only been working there a month, he told us, and finding this painting was so amazing to him. He had looked my mother up and found this site. I explained I had set it up for her. He asked me if I wanted the painting. I said, no, but if the church didn’t want it, I’d like him to have it. My home is filled with my mother’s beautiful work. I wrote the pastor and related this experience, and I left it up to her to decide where it will be. I will always be grateful to Zhibit for enabling me to display my mother’s  work here. So often over the years people have contacted me with a photo of a painting they think must have been done by her. Thank you for stopping here too!


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Shielagh HochbergTo add to this episode in the ongoing saga of the wonderful art of Mary Lee McNutt, the pastor and I communicated by email, and she has decided to give this beautiful painting to the kind man who works at the church. I couldn’t be happier. -Shielagh
-- Shielagh Hochberg, 10/24/21

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