The Benefits and Challenges of New Technology

Since this website has gone live, the responses from all those near and dear we've invited to view and participate have been enthusiastic and positive. Because the hosting site has a prominent place online and is geared to bring traffic to these art sites to assist with sales and publicity, strange things have happened as well. We've received an unsettling offer from the Middle East to pay to "watch Mary paint" so the writer could observe and learn to paint herself. Considering we've been clear that Mary has been deceased for many years, this seems to be some sort of "phishing" expedition that was promptly scuttled. There have been a few other such forays, so we live and learn. Hence, personal data has been scrubbed and no locating information of commenters or those who have contributed images of Mary's work in their collections will be added here. Rest assured you will get personal emails from us when any significant changes have been made to this site.


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