Creativity in the Time of Covid19


Long Ago by Robert Eder
A dear friend, Robert Eder, is making stunning painterly photographs combining aspects of the natural world with creative overlays of form and color. The image here, "Long Ago", is an example of his work. Click on the image to view more of his pieces. Gifted musicians such as German pianist Igor Levit are streaming’s performances for an international audience hungry for contact with the expressive experience of hearing and watching others engaged making music. Museum exhibits are available to view online. Even Zoom lectures on subjects as esoteric as the history of Jews and their influence in bringing chocolate to Europe and the new world can keep us learning and growing.

Another friend living through the lockdown in Manhattan practices as a speech and language pathologist by Zoom and makes bread twice a week. She also sews beautiful masks that she gives away. I am baking bread and fun cupcakes and working with my psychotherapy patients from home. Now, as I emerge from the fog of grief and loss, I’m working on a book manuscript relating the incredible journey I’ve had with my dear husband Stephen who died in May 2020 from complications of Alzheimer’s disease. I hope to illuminate for others who may have begun this trek with spouse or parent, or good friend, what I experienced and what helped me through it. I wouldn’t have had this any other way. He is free from confusion and despair, he didn’t linger and decline over a longer period of time, and I was with him when he passed. 
In love and peace,


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