Assuming you've looked around a bit, you have figured out that my main/current mission is to salvage reusable discarded items and repair or reimagine them into new lives and uses. These materials can come from all manner of places... thrift stores, garage sales, Ebay, the side of the road or rediscoverd treasures packed or carefully stored away.  It's like having a newborn....people will offer you ALL MANNER of baby supplies.... and should you start to decline these well-meant offerings, people will assume you don't need them or have grown tired of THEIR offerings. Same thing with recreating.  Give EVERYTHING serious consideration...and you may be able to trade off with other artisans.   Daddy doesn't like canned tomatoes,  but Moma trades them out for jellies, etc.  EXERY THING HAS A USE. It may not be immediately seen, but hang onto it  for a while.... which could take some time.  Take the time. 


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