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very unique and interesting items!
-- Pamela Green, 8/9/15

Doug PowellScott! Nice site. I see you are ever evolving and the upcycling thing is working.
-- Doug Powell, 1/13/13

Hey Guy! Just surfing and found your website. We need to get together next time you are up this way! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love ya'! ~Kathy~
-- Kathy Bodenheimer, 11/30/11

Wow, just wow. Wonderful work! oxo
-- Marianne, 3/5/11

not a bad site
-- John F., 10/9/10

I check your site often but just never signed the register. The site looks very good -- very professionally done. Hope you get a lot of response from this site.
-- Mom, 8/7/09

Impressive - multi-talented - gifted!
-- Bonita Gillenwater, 7/4/08

Great picture , article , I'm so proud of you
-- Marie Parker, 3/28/08

One Man's Trash is TRULY Another Man's Treasure