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M Scott Morgan / Spotted Dog Workshop: Reclaiming...

Artist directory :: M Scott Morgan / Spotted Dog Workshop: Reclaiming and...

M Scott Morgan:Tracks down discarded items from thrift stores, yard sales... even the side of the road is not safe! Some just need a little (sometimes a LOT!) TLC or become changed completely.

M Scott Morgan / Spotted Dog Workshop: Reclaiming and Recreating


M Scott Morgan / Art From Unexpected Places 
As far back as I can remember, I've always had my hands in the arts. Usually literally. Handcrafts, puppetry, graphic design, scenic and lighting design, throwing clay and most recently sculptural collage that further developed into shadowboxes and birdcages as ambient lighting. I'm sure there's more; this is all I could remember right off. Sometimes they mix and the medium and forms blur distinctive lines. But no matter how distinct or melded, they always restate my philosophy of art: Art is ORIGINAL. It may be inspired or suggested by an earlier work, but each NEW piece, individually produced, is what makes it ART. And that's one thing about my work; you are GUARANTEED a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. Thanks for stopping by and checking things...


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1620 N Hamilton St
High Point, NC 27262
United States


TRASH August 2011 A show all about art made from discards.... "one man's TRASH is truly another man's TREASURE."
SHADOWBOXES These pieces grew from assemblages and sculptural works so they could be hangable.
"Manic Kin" Paper applications, etc, on reclaimed mannequins. Mostly decorative, but some are functional lamps. Also a new line of framed "portraits."
Themed Enviornments Specifically decorated/themed areas to enhance their immediate locale.
"Camp Branch Pottery" Functional wheel-thrown pottery and home decor. All bowls are leadfree/foodsafe, safe for the microwave and oven use. Home decor items often use reclaimed materials.
foundlings: maintenance free gardens Everybody has stuff laying around that is eventually going to a dumpster or be donated. Foundlings is dedicated to helping reduce landfill waste by transforming discarded items into functional and decorative housewares and gifts.


Packing Up
Well, the new year has arrived. Hopefully it will bring with it a 180 degree turn in a number of areas. Packing up from the holidays has begun.

Can this year get any worse? Political mudflinging. Covid-19 lockdowns. Losing brother and Daddy three weeks apart. Still waiting for tax refund and stimulus check. Anxiety and depression have spiraled downward. So many things I wanted to accomplish... not gonna happen. What's not done by Saturday evening won't happen. Most decorizing has been using existing decor with some additions from thrift stores or good everything looks new...or at least reimagined. Some MAY appear next year or maybe...

Too long, too long...
Okay. Time to get back to life. With all the challenges and loss this past year, the Christmas ��season is scaled back...WAY BACK.

For those playing along at home, you'll recall that my brother and Daddy passed three weeks apart recently. And those who know me in person know that six months out is short term planning for me. Needless to say, it's just me and Moma now.

Rather unexpected. My brother and Daddy died 3 weeks apart. Mike's was a COMPLETE surprise; Daddy had been battling Alzheimer's about 15 years.

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