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TRASH August 2011 TRASH August 2011
A show all about art made from discards.... "one man's TRASH is truly another man's TREASURE."

These pieces grew from assemblages and sculptural works so they could be hangable. 

"Manic Kin" "Manic Kin"
Paper applications, etc, on reclaimed mannequins. Mostly decorative, but some are functional lamps.  Also a new line of framed "portraits."

Themed Enviornments Themed Enviornments
Specifically decorated/themed areas to enhance their immediate locale.

"Camp Branch Pottery" "Camp Branch Pottery"
Functional wheel-thrown pottery and home decor. All bowls are leadfree/foodsafe, safe for the microwave and oven use. Home decor items often use reclaimed materials.

foundlings: maintenance free gardens foundlings: maintenance free gardens
Everybody has stuff laying around that is eventually going to a dumpster or be donated. Foundlings is dedicated to helping reduce landfill waste by transforming discarded items into functional and decorative housewares and gifts.

One Man's Trash is TRULY Another Man's Treasure