Can this year get any worse?
Political mudflinging. Covid-19 lockdowns. Losing brother and Daddy three weeks apart. Still waiting for tax refund and stimulus check.
Anxiety and depression have spiraled downward. So many things I wanted to accomplish... not gonna happen. What's not done by Saturday evening won't happen. Most decorizing has been using existing decor with some additions from thrift stores or good sales....so everything looks new...or at least reimagined. Some MAY appear next year or maybe drop off my radar.  Disappointed in myself and that's the


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Too long, too long...


Okay. Time to get back to life.
With all the challenges and loss this past year, the Christmas �� season is scaled back...WAY BACK. About half.
So right now there's a clothesline in the center hub of the house �� with seasonal T-shirts, socks, boxer shorts, etc.  A fair number of these were my brother's, some from thrift stores and local Dollar Stores. The clothesline
criss-crosses from the tops of doorframes to allow ease of traffic, primarily to the bathroom. Rooms that are typically not public access are closed off, but still have a wreath or other decor.
This, like everything else thus far, is new... Being creative and resourceful on a budget. The new wreath on the front door is a thrift store rescue with a metallic beaded garland and C-7 sized lights framing it. The lights originally had jumbo plastic faux bulbs covering them, but after breaking two, the remainder are in a birdcage and will get a short strand of white lights to show them off.
There's a white lighted wreath on a table with chunky candles in the center. There's faux greenery with ice crystals sticking out from both sides of the TV on the mantle with white lights running behind to enhance them.  The oversized candle ring will likely get red and black lumberjack plaid ribbon �� bows added.
That ribbon has become a unifying element this year. IF there were a �� erected it would be decorated simply with matching bows and white lights. One decoration that has returned is an old gum machine filled with mini round glass balls.
The back door features a lumberjack looking Santa head that is also a rescue and wooden red and green beaded garland will surround the door.
The gate that leads to the backdoor has a faux green wreath with a large red star ⭐ in the center.  It's kinda dark, so I'll add lights to it.  The deck is already festooned with multicolored lights...TO BE CONTINUED...


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