Packing Up


Well, the new year has arrived.
Hopefully it will bring with it a 180 degree turn in a number of areas.
Packing up from the holidays has begun. This year was a little reserved... everything was new, mostly repurposed from items on hand and some recent thrift store finds. Still have a closet full to sort through and clear out. Getting closer to the point where just about everything will go to the curb and this little adventure will end soon. Not the ending I would like, but perhaps more practical. There are no pottery studios anywhere near this area... that's the only thing that ever sold. Really don't want to know how much money I've invested vs lost.  The Southern Women's Show.... about 15 years ago... lost about $4000.


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Can this year get any worse?
Political mudflinging. Covid-19 lockdowns. Losing brother and Daddy three weeks apart. Still waiting for tax refund and stimulus check.
Anxiety and depression have spiraled downward. So many things I wanted to accomplish... not gonna happen. What's not done by Saturday evening won't happen. Most decorizing has been using existing decor with some additions from thrift stores or good everything looks new...or at least reimagined. Some MAY appear next year or maybe drop off my radar.  Disappointed in myself and that's the


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Too long, too long...


Okay. Time to get back to life.
With all the challenges and loss this past year, the Christmas �� season is scaled back...WAY BACK. About half.
So right now there's a clothesline in the center hub of the house �� with seasonal T-shirts, socks, boxer shorts, etc.  A fair number of these were my brother's, some from thrift stores and local Dollar Stores. The clothesline
criss-crosses from the tops of doorframes to allow ease of traffic, primarily to the bathroom. Rooms that are typically not public access are closed off, but still have a wreath or other decor.
This, like everything else thus far, is new... Being creative and resourceful on a budget. The new wreath on the front door is a thrift store rescue with a metallic beaded garland and C-7 sized lights framing it. The lights originally had jumbo plastic faux bulbs covering them, but after breaking two, the remainder are in a birdcage and will get a short strand of white lights to show them off.
There's a white lighted wreath on a table with chunky candles in the center. There's faux greenery with ice crystals sticking out from both sides of the TV on the mantle with white lights running behind to enhance them.  The oversized candle ring will likely get red and black lumberjack plaid ribbon �� bows added.
That ribbon has become a unifying element this year. IF there were a �� erected it would be decorated simply with matching bows and white lights. One decoration that has returned is an old gum machine filled with mini round glass balls.
The back door features a lumberjack looking Santa head that is also a rescue and wooden red and green beaded garland will surround the door.
The gate that leads to the backdoor has a faux green wreath with a large red star ⭐ in the center.  It's kinda dark, so I'll add lights to it.  The deck is already festooned with multicolored lights...TO BE CONTINUED...


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For those playing along at home, you'll recall that my brother and Daddy passed three weeks apart recently. And those who know me in person know that six months out is short term planning for me.
Needless to say, it's just me and Moma now. She's content with a turkey microwave dinner. Not sure what I'll do. And she has pretty much cancelled Christmas this year. While I'd like to put Martha Stewart to shame, this is not the year.
So being in my home for the second Christmas, and with the past month, it'll be scaled back but with less and smaller DECORIZING.  The front door has a new reclaimed wreath with metallic bead garland and jumbo C-9 style lights around it. Probably put the plastic plug in Santa nearby. Also put a ribbon and bows across the fireplace mantle to hang cards from... but since I usually get less than 5, I have prop used ones and will spray the clothespins silver. Perhaps my newest addition is a clothesline with seasonal shirts, socks, stockings and such pinned to it. Likely more misc stuff.  Not the first year I haven't wanted to do much, but the first year I really won't. *Sigh.*


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Rather unexpected.  My brother and Daddy died 3 weeks apart.   Mike's was a COMPLETE surprise; Daddy had been battling Alzheimer's about 15 years. Hospice had come in the day before and predicted two weeks or sooner. He passed the following day.  Both went peacefully, which was a relief. I was pretty much Production Manager and Prop Master for both. And my buddy from SW Georgia returned for Daddy....we go back 40 years to English 101 and pretty much ran the college theatre. We gave them both a sendoff that they would appreciate.


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And as promised...


If  I had a storm drain near my house, you can BET that I'd do this...!!
Get a roll of curling ribbon...tie a rock to the end... drop it into said drain until it hits bottom.  Then tie on a red helium balloon, cut to desired length and watch the merriment begin!


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Okay... it's been a long month in the past week...


So I managed to somehow crash my laptop losing all contacts, messages, etc.  About the same time, my phone battery zeroed out and I can't find it. a new and improved one arrives Wednesday... and hopefully I can retrieve from there.
And now, my highly anticipated Halloween tip for the day... for those planning to dress as a chicken or other bird, yellow Playtex Living Gloves make great bird feet! Just shove your feet in and you'll be the envy of all your friends!!
Allegedly.  Perhaps another one tomorrow...


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Slowly Resuming Regular Programming


Returning to Job One of Two today.  Really would like to have this week free as nothing was accomplished around home last week, understandably.
But still have ideas and stuff to share...STAY TUNED!


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Due to my brother's unexpected passing last night, I will resume later.


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Fumbling for a house key in the dark can be very frustrating. Easy solution: put one on each side of your car key...especially handy if your car key has a large head with various controls on it making it easy to find. Now THIS I have done... Last night.


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