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Barry J. Bellovin

Artist directory :: Barry J. Bellovin

Rainy Day People

Rainy days are terrible for photographers. Unless one goes for a drive, and lets the car's windshield create the special effects.


Barry J. Bellovin 
Barry Bellovin is a New York City based avid amateur photographer. He specializes in street and architecture photography. He also does nature, landscape, and flower photography. His works have been exhibited in museums, galleries, and publications in the United States and Europe. When not taking pictures, he practices cardiology in Bayside, Queens. Three of the galleries on this website display works of his that have been chosen for display or publication in various venues. These are the pages entitled "Street Photography", "Building and Architecture Photography", and "Landscape and Nature Photography". The other pages show various themes he's currently working on.
At the Bus Stop On my daily commute, I would often stop in front of a bus stop in Queens. Over the years, I captured many photos of people waiting to begin their own daily commutes.
Drivin' in My Car My favorite pastime while stopped at red lights is to capture photos of the driver in the car next to mine. When their windows are up, the reflections create an endless variety of patterns overlying and surrounding their profiles.
Silhouettes I love shooting backlit subjects, creating interesting silhouettes. Many of these pictures were taken in Manhattan, which is a narrow island with parks and walkways along the water on both the east and west sides.
Under the El New York City has the largest and the second oldest subway system in the US; only Boston's is older. I love taking pictures of the elevated lines, and the light and shadows created underneath them.
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