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Bert Bruins Art Paintings

Artist directory :: Bert Bruins Art Paintings

A cache of high quality artwork in various media by North Devon based artist Bert Bruins. Landscapes, architectural sketches and abstracts.

Bert Bruins Art Paintings


Bert Bruins 
I love colour, the physical act of mixing evocatively named pigments often with long histories (vert emeraude, burnt umber etc) and putting them on canvas. I even love the associated smells, which is one of the reasons why I have recently returned to working in oils (and keep my studio well ventilated...) And I love the outdoors, enjoying the scenery that I love to paint. I am blessed to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Having turned down studying art history and art college in my teens to study social sciences instead, I nevertheless kept painting. I love experimenting with different media, colour and contrasts. Prices vary depending on size, medium and framing. Some works are mounted and/or framed, some are not. Postage costs...


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Glover & Bruins Art
EX39 1EY
United Kingdom


Moors and countryside A range of work in acrylic and oils.
Abstract work A collection of playful and colourful works, inspired by the likes of Escher, Vasarely and Riley.
Archive Here are some older works, that show developments and interests over the years. Many are showing signs of age and wear, and are therefore not for sale.
Installations ;) + objets trouves My own take on the installations phenomenon. Enjoy!
Watercolours Watercolours are such a beautiful medium, and by no means the easiest!
Pastels and pencils Both pastels and graphite pencils are such wonderful mediums in their own right
Seascapes and coast The Westcountry coastline is stunning from Somerset to Devon, Cornwall and Dorset, and is one of my favourite subjects.
River paintings Rivers are some our greatest natural and uncontrollable landscape features; I love them from source to sea. I am in the process of documenting the river Torridge and its tributaries, but you will also find the Exe, the Taw, the Otter etc here.
Townscapes and architectural work I do love a good city or town vista, good architecture, delapidated back streets etc, but don't get round to painting these subjects often.
Botanical work / close ups I love the semi-abstract nature of close up work, even though their hard work...
Commissions Showing works I made as a commission, and that may inspire you to have your own unique artwork made. You can provide a photograph, but it needs to be of a good quality and composition! Contact me for details.
Exmoor A fantastically diverse English national park, Exmoor is gentler than its close neighbour Dartmoor, missing the granite volcanic outcrops of the latter. It has however mysterious moorland, lush wooded valleys and a stunning rocky coastline. Hard to beat.
Dartmoor Dartmoor National Park is Devon's wild upland area containing the county's highest hill (Yes Tor), the source of many of its main rivers (the Teign, the Dart, the Tavy etc), granite outcrops and ancient farming systems.
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