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Bonnie Sprung

Artist directory :: Bonnie Sprung

Oil Painting, Mixed Media, Photography

Bonnie Sprung


Bonnie Sprung 
Diverse in many points of interest Bonnie Sprung brings all her talents into whatever she is creating. The sculpture of her physique, muscles captured on film, theatrical stages transformed, the many workings of graphics, illustration, oils, public art and computer takes Bonnie in all types of directions. As a kid; like many others you would lay on your back and look up into the sky to see the formations of what the clouds looked like to you. Sometimes you look at trees and the nature around and you would do the same. In my "Watery Landscape-Hidden Word Series", I created paintings as tree filled landscapes, wherein the trees form the letters that create the inspirational words. Being green minded, Bonnie Sprung transforms CD and DVD’s into works of art...


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Altamonte Springs, FL
United States


DiskArt Being green minded, I transform CD and DVD’s into works of art, which I call DiskArt. I use CD/DVD disks that were old, worn and bad. So instead of them going into the garbage, they have found their way to me and I turned them into cool art.
Watery Landscapes • Hidden Word Series Each painting has a word hidden within the trees and landscape. Each painting makes you look, think and smile. Each expresses a word of motivation. ___________________________________ I love painting trees.
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