Watery Landscapes • Hidden Word Series
Bonnie’s award-winning fine art including, paintings, mixed media, and photography, has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows. Her photography has been chosen and published in two books for United Arts of Central Florida Red Chair Project. Her work is in galleries and in public and private collections. Bonnie has done set design, scenic painting, make-up and stage management for over 300 shows locally and in New York. Since 1986 she has owned Uniquely Sprung Art and Photography Studio and Muscular Motion Gym. In 2000, Bonnie was introduced to public art and since has created designs for lizards, swans, butterflies, clowns, gators and geckos.

Some of her series of works include Watery Landscapes • Hidden Word Series 

Each painting has a word hidden within the trees and landscape. 
My inspiration comes from the waterways of Florida. In my earlier paintings I worked from black and white photos that I had taken of some of the rivers I lived near. St. Johns River was one that I had photographed several times. Over the years my style of painting had gone from realistic to impressionistic or a combination of. My most recent work has brought two loves together. The love of trees and the love of motivational words. 

Being green, Bonnie transforms CD and DVD’s into works of art, which she calls DiskArt. 

Her CD/DVD RIPLEY painting has been bought by Ripley's Believe It or Not! and can be seen in San Fransisco, CA.

There are 150 disks. Each CD and DVD were painted with a variety of acrylic colors; then linked together. The portrait of Robert Ripley was then painted in oils. Along with the final framing the total size is 4'5"x5'5".


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