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Ford P R McLain

Artist directory :: Ford P R McLain

2023, oil on canvas (50" x 50")


The Fog of Love

This series may take a while. Enjoy.


Ford P. R. McLain 
Ford P. R. McLain is a primitive-abstract painter living in Albany, New York. He is both a descendent of Italian immigrants and a son of the American Revolution. His influences include Paul Gauguin (his gateway painter), painters of the New York School of the 1940s and 1950s (Gorky, deKooning, Frankenthaler, Pollock, Mitchell, Kline, et al.), jazz musicians Charles Mingus and Miles Davis, playwright Sam Shepard, and filmmakers David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick. He began as a primitive painter, but in late 2013 McLain moved into abstract painting. Many of McLain’s paintings contain themes of spiritual liberation through the nexus of creativity and sexuality, as well as the collaboration between a painter and his muses. McLain’s main approach to a...


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Albany, NY
United States


Paradossi - A Painting In Progress This painting was created between late October and mid-November 2023
Ink Paintings Made with a Japanese ink stone and calligraphy brushes.
The Language of Psycho-Analysis Paintings inspired by titles of a book of the same name.
Darkness Visible New Paintings, using squeegee and other implements, starting in Spring 2023. Title inspired by William Styron's memoir of madness.
Studies for the Soul New Paintings of a Spiritual Nature, starting in late 2022, inspired by contemplations and meditations on art and the soul.
Photographs Photographs Taken With A New Camera - All Black and White
Paintings for Our Time Paintings created during the period of the Covid-19 Pandemic (April 2020 - October 2022)
The Crimson Muse Paintings and other work inspired by my Crimson Muse.
Coffee Time! Paintings about Metaphysics
Soul Trip A series of paintings about a road trip of sorts.
The Red Series Painted in the summer of 2017, using oils and mixed media, this is a new direction for my primitive abstract art.
Nuova Musa, Nuove Visioni Una nuova galleria dedicata di gratitudine verso una nuova ispirazione artistica.


Coffee Table Aesthetics
Rauschenberg, Kubrick, Lou Reed, and Buddhism...and a cup of Earl Grey with Bergemot.

Ford P R McLain's "The Fog of Love" Art Show - October 4, 2024
After 5 -3/4 years, I will have my first solo art show in Albany at Lark Hall (1st floor, corner of Lark and Hudson). The pieces to be shown will be from the current series, "The Fog of Love." Included will be this painting, "Courageous In Love".

A Painter and His Cat

Painting and Oreos
Today is a painting day...and Lou Reed's birthday. And it will be rainy. Trifecta!

With the latest
With my latest, "Eoni", on 2/15/24

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