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Impressions by Harriet Phillips

Artist directory :: Impressions by Harriet Phillips

A collection of artwork by Harriet Phillips. Items for sale include oils, acrylics, charcoal, ink, pastels and watercolors with subject matter ranging from landscapes, florals, still life, abstracts, portraits, figures, and various sketches.

Impressions by Harriet Phillips


Lisa Phillips 
The paintings of Harriet Phillips capture the essence of her subject matter in the paradox that is at the heart of truth. Her work is strong yet soft, sophisticated yet innocent, contemporary yet timeless. Whether portrait, figure, still life, floral, or landscape, Harriet's impressionistic style has a contemporary quality. She has been described as a vibrant colorist whose work is infused with energy and movement, and whose sensuality and love of life are captured in her images. Harriet began her career studying with portrait artists Nicholas Kratofil and Philip Salvato. She spent many years drawing portraits and figures in charcoal, pen and ink. Early in her career, she worked as a portrait artist at art festivals and accepted commissions in her own...


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Acrylic and Oil Harriet's acrylics and oil paintings go back to her first works in the early 80's and continued to be a strong part of her repertoire as an artist. Here you will find stunning landscapes, florals, portraits, figures, and several new abstracts from more recent years. All works in this category are on canvas, mounted on an internal wood frame.
Pastels Harriet's pastels show off her wide range of subjects, from rich hues of sunsets to nude figure studies to stunning landscapes and vibrant flowers.
Watercolors Harriet's vast watercolor collection includes many seaside images from trips to Cape Cod, Greece, and around Florida. Other images include florals, landscapes, still life, portraits, figures and abstracts. All works are on paper.
Charcoal, Pen, and Ink Figurative Drawings Harriet's charcoal, pen and ink drawings include many portraits and figures, as well as colorful quick-study in motion sketches. Please note: there will be many more drawings uploaded in the coming months, so please check back often.
Prints Here you will find a wide assortment of prints of Harriet's most popular acrylics, watercolors and pastels. Please inquire about additional sizes of signed prints and giclees.
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