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Hung Up: The Art of Kevin Woolford

Artist directory :: Hung Up: The Art of Kevin Woolford

Gallery of highly detailed Lowbrow/Cartoon art including acrylic paintings, colored pencil and pen and ink illustrations to satisfy your need for WTF.

Hung Up: The Art of Kevin Woolford


Kevin Woolford 
I was born in Lakenheath, England, and traveled extensively as a child, living in Saudi Arabia and visiting Europe, Asia, and the Far East. Upon returning home to the US, my family settled in Maryland, where I graduated from the Visual and Performing Arts Program at my local high school. It was there that I met Mr. Mike Baglieri, cartoonist/teacher and my first mentor. He imparted to me the basics of what would later become my style, as well as a love for cartoonings' tongue in cheek way of communicating. Upon graduation, I attended Ringling School of Art and Design, studying illustration for four years. There I added the works of Ralph Steadman, Remedios Varo, and Egon Schiele, among many others, to my childhood love of the whimsy of Dr. Seuss and the...


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Orlando, FL
United States


Paintings All of my paintings are done with acrylic glazes. This is accomplished by drastically thinning acrylic paint to a watercolor consistancy and layering color upon color, allowing each layer to fully dry before adding another. This permits the colors underneath to influence the tone and vibrancy of the colors on the top.
Never Level This painting began life as a discarded table top on the side of the road. After completing the basic design, I began about seven months of intense detail work. I fully immersed myself in the downward spiral of adding ever more eye-crossing detail to every corner of the painting.
24 Hour Series This series of paintings was begun with a very strict time restriction in place. The design could take as long a needed to get right but once it is transfered to the board, the actual painting time cannot exceed twenty-four hours.
Colored pencil Colored pencil on various unfinished wood panels
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