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Artist directory :: KAREN HOWARD, PSA, IAPS MC


Karen Howard 
Karen spent her early years on the coast of New England. She was fascinated by the movement of the sea; whether water currents, the ocean's surface or the spectacular explosion of energy and light in a breaking wave.She spent many hours on the water, either swimming, boating or surfing. When she and her husband moved to California, they moved to San Diego to be close to the Pacific. Karen began her study of art with a pencil and a pad of paper. She progressed to oil painting and received her Associates Degree in Fine Arts. Karen later discovered the wonders of painting with pastels. The immediacy and tactile nature of this medium suits her needs and has excited her ever since. It has taken many years to come to the point in her life where she is...


Recent Work I am always excited to share my most recent work with visitors to my website. This gallery is my way of highlighting my most recent works, and offering an invitation to see more of my paintings.
Land & Sea Living along the California coast, in a thriving city offers a myriad of subjects to paint. The sea is the place that gives me the greatest peace. The city is the place that recharges my energy. For me, they are in perfect harmony.
People This gallery reflects my interest in people--their faces and postures. It also represents my working in other media. Here you will find, in addition to my pastels, acrylic and pen &ink works.
Still Life What can Be said about my Still Life works? I love the play of light on glass, crystal or chrome. Creating this effect in pastel is a challenge, I relish. My success is measured by the number of viewers who are astonished that the paintings are soft pastel.
Wildlife I enjoy painting animals and birds. Most of these paintings were painted for an the annual Wildlife in Art show, held in La Mesa. Nevertheless, these paintings were fun to create.
Giclee Prints Although all of my pieces are available to be recreated as Limited Edition Giclee prints, this gallery includes some of those paintings that I have sold over the years. These pieces are only available as giclee prints.


Central Massachusetts Pastel Society's Marks of Distinction 2020
I'm thrilled and honored to have "Farm Fresh" juried into the CMPS Mark of Distinction 2020 show. There were 437 pieces of art entered by pastel artists from around the globe. Only 104 paintings were included.

Pastel Society of San Diego's First National Juried Show
I want to thank our president, Debbie Krentz-Johnson, for all her work to save our Pastel Society of San Diego's First National Juried Show. When Covid-19 closed Spanish Village and Gallery 21, we were unable to hang this beautiful show. Under normal circumstances our esteemed Juror, Mary Aslin, would be able to judge for awards by seeing the framed work in person.

Central Massachusetts Pastel Society Online Exhibition
The newly formed Central Massachusetts Pastel Society put on the 1st CMPS National Online Juried Show. I'm honored to share that "Temptation Won" and "My Lucky Penny" were juried into the inaugural show. Thank you selective jurors Lisa Rico and Jacob Aguiar for your consideration.

Pastel Society of North Carolina Online Exhibition
News!!! The Pastel Society of North Carolina's Online International Juried Exhibition has become quite competitive in the few short years they have produced this show. This year, there were 853 paintings submitted by 243 international pastel artists, and only 150 pieces were chosen. The juror was Deborah La Fogg, PSA, IAPS MC, AFC.

PSSC International Online Exhibition
What a wonderful surprise!!! The Pastel Society of Southern California held an international online open juried exhibiton, "Make Your Mark". My painting, "Temptation Won", was accepted into the show. This show was to celebrate the Society's 10th anniversary.

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