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Nahed Mansour Art Website

Artist directory :: Nahed Mansour Art Website

Nahed Mansour Art Website is an address where you can have info about me,see images of my works and explore my artistic archive

Nahed Mansour Art Website


Nahed Mansour 
Born in Tripoli, Lebanon in September 1983 in a family which was much more interested in sciences than art. Being the third of two brothers and two sisters, she chose to become an artist. at the age of 18 she entered the IBA (Institut Des Beaux Arts) in Tripoli, where she was a revolutionary student who continuously searched for the “new”, the”different”:an attitude which wasn’t that much sympathised by the Academic system at that time..however, despite these circumstances she was the first of her generation during all the four years of learning, getting a Diploma of High Studies in Fine Arts in (2005). In (2006) she moved to Beirut and continued her Masters in Plastic Arts in ALBA,Sin el Fil taking video art as Major project. In 2015 she moved to...


Community Art project/Fasahat  Fashat is a COMMUNITY ART PROJECT. It started in November 2016 and consists of two phases. The first phase consists of seven workshops, which were created in the AWO Refugium on the Havel - it is about home, memories, escape routes to Germany and the everyday life of the refugees in the home. The second phase consists of six workshops that take place from September 2017 to February 2018 on a weekly basis - the focus here is on meeting residents with refugees from the AWO Retreat on the Havel. These...
Performance Art This Gallery includes performances i did between 2009/2010 which are : "The Myth of Sisiphus2",Beirut Street Festival, Ain el Mreysseh,(2009) "Write my Identity" a performance at Unesco Palace (2010)
Wood sculpture Less Or More/ Minimalist sculptures 2010-2011 This work consists of wooden sculptures with a minimalist approach Working on the three dimensional aspect of the form, lines and colors interact together to create another “illusive” dimension to the object that is different than the original structure thus appealing the curiosity of the observer to discover seeing it from several angles of view experiencing each time a new relation between lines, colors and volume.
Video Art this Gallery includes a series of videos i've done since 2006: "fragments du Neant"(2006) "Al Fatha" (2007) "Mouth"(2009)
Installation art  war print(2008) Connections(2009)
Painting This gallery includes paintings between 2005-2007
Drawing Acrylic on paper, A3, (2007)
Photography` 41 items
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