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Pia McKenna Sonoma County Artist

Artist directory :: Pia McKenna Sonoma County Artist

Paintings in vibrant colors. Local Wine Country landscapes en plein-air, animals, old cars and celtic knots expressed with grapes.

Pia McKenna Sonoma County Artist


Pia McKenna 
I hardly remember a time when I wasn't drawing, coloring or painting. While raising my family, I put away my paints for embroidering on my jeans and creating with macrame. In 2000 I began experimenting in watercolor with books from the library and taking classes from local aritists. I joined artist groups, entered art shows and met many fine Sonoma County artists. My continuing workshop studies have included intensive sessions with well known local artists. I also paint weekly, at a shared studio, with four watercolor artists of diverse backgrounds and wide-ranging interests.They support, influence and inspire my art. Recently I have been involved in teaching art classes for National Arts Day. I found it personally rewarding and most needed in our...


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Artwork 12 items
Landscapes and seascapes Northern California &Sonoma County
Birds 4 items
Animals Dogs, Cats and Farm Animals depicted in transparent watercolors.
People Transparent Watercolors that capture the character or disposition of each personality.
Fruit & Flowers Creative use of transparent watercolors depicting Sonoma County local fruit and flowers.
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