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At, we cherish the relationship we have with our subscribers. It shouldn't then come as a surprise that keeping them happy is our number one goal. Here is what some of them are saying:

Elisabeth Bell
I can't live without my zhibit site!
-- Elisabeth Bell
Bonnie Crevier, Queen Bee
I have signed up for a site on here and absolutely love it.
-- Bonnie Crevier, Queen Bee
Audrey Michelle Photography
Thank you for your attentiveness! good service goes a LONG way for me and you better believe that I will spread the word about your site.
-- Audrey Michelle Photography
Green Heron Glass Studio
Thanks again for your great site service! I've been building my site, referring clients, and -best of all- learning alot! Having the most fun I've had since I got this @#&^#* computer!
-- Green Heron Glass Studio
Your site has given me an outlet to simply have art time. I love it! ... Quite the deal, and from the looks of my visitor counter I have had some turn out. I do not use to sell per se~ but to allow art, my art to live
Rancho Bernardo Art Association
You are the best. You make me look like a guru.
-- Rancho Bernardo Art Association
Gabriela Anaya Valdepeña
I love your site, ... and I'm referring all my artist friends to it!
-- Gabriela Anaya Valdepeña
Adrian Cabedo
What a rapid response! It's no wonder I changed to you from another unmentionable and "absolutely" aweful competitor!
-- Adrian Cabedo
Charitable Art
I may be one of your more beginner computer people out there and I must say your system really is a good step by step hands holder- thanks.
-- Charitable Art
Keep on with your excellent customer service, it will precede your good reputation for the longest time.
Susan R. Thompson
Thanks for this wonderful service, awesome! ... Bless you all for taking care of so much for us all.
-- Susan R. Thompson
Green Heron Glass Studio
Dear Zhibit, I can't thank you enough!! This is a wonderful service you are offerring to the art community. ... I have been telling all of my artist friends about you, and will continue to do so! I'm grateful that for you "creating the website is the easy part" - and better yet, you've made it affordable!!
-- Green Heron Glass Studio
Bev's Photo Treasures
Thank you so much. You are so prompt in helping. Great support. This is important. I am glad I have chosen your group.
-- Bev's Photo Treasures
Jacqueline Ross Arriaga da Cunha
Great site and easy to set up
-- Jacqueline Ross Arriaga da Cunha
Tantra Bensko
Your site is beautiful, and I love using it.
-- Tantra Bensko
Laura Dawson
I've been meaning to take a moment and tell you how excited and pleased I am with the new changes! ... I've been really happy with hosting my site on Zhibit and I've been recommending it to other people as well.
-- Laura Dawson
Photos by Dee
I have a friend who is a website-creating novice, ... I think your site is absolutely wonderful, and just the answer for her ... Your site is done in such good taste and is very professional looking ... absolutely brilliantly done!
-- Photos by Dee
Elisabeth Bell
Every now and then I notice minor improvements here and there which all have been great.
-- Elisabeth Bell
Albert Oldham
I am impressed, you are the best tech support I've ever seen! Tell the boss I said you should get a pay raise.
-- Albert Oldham
Susan A. Yerkes, ASID
I did have a very good experience building the site. It was fun and a new learning experience.
-- Susan A. Yerkes, ASID
Flo Li
Happy New Year everyone! It is lovely to start a new journey with Zhibit!
-- Flo Li
Elisabeth Bell
Thanks for being so awesome!
-- Elisabeth Bell
Ellen Benfatti
Thank you... love my site. This has been a huge blessing for me. Thank you for making it so easy.
-- Ellen Benfatti
Jaki Christeve
Was looking to make a website for an artist friend... thought Blog, CMS or pre-made template site... you very quickly moved to the top of the list... nice job... great service... after a few minutes the layout became very intuitive...
-- Jaki Christeve
Laura Dawson
In an effort to save some money, I decided I needed a change for my webhosting. Lucky for me I found Zhibit which is a service designed especially for artists. So far I'm very happy with my decision.
-- Laura Dawson
I love zhibit and have recommended the site to any of my artist friends who are looking for a great place to host their art.
-- Alphakitn
Doug Powell
I have actually learned quite a bit about setting up various computer options through your website. I think you have made it quite easy to figure out some of the more complicated steps involved with web site set up in general that only a web site builder would know how to do. Some of these options you offer on the site I would have never been able to do on my own. So keep up the good work. This is a great site.
-- Doug Powell
Charles E Harrison III
Thank you so much for providing an easy, yet professional presence for an emerging artist as myself. I have looked at many start-up websites for emerging artists and find yours the most affordable, easy-to-use and professional. I couldn't think of a better place to start showing my works.
-- Charles E Harrison III
Pamela Stern
I hope that I can finally one day get some more clients for you ... you are the best. Which I will be sure to tell them!
-- Pamela Stern
Johanna E. Heinemann-Haas
I have been referred by my friend ... The set-up is so easy and the "galleries" really look wonderful. ... Thank you again for your amazing customer service!
-- Johanna E. Heinemann-Haas

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