Human Kites: A Dream from the Spring of 1990

Back in the spring of 1990 I am dreaming that I am with a group of people I work with from Tom Peterson's Stereo Super Stores. My supervisor Steve had earlier collected fallen flower petals from the streets of NW Portland. He tells me he plans to make a stir fry with them. Now this group from work and I are walking down this large dark tunnel toward the exit. As we approach the exit I get a giddy feeling and announce, "I'm going to make a run for it!" I take off running and as I jump out the large archway door I see a magician standing by the entrance. Outside there is a large field of grass. The sky is overcast and in the distance is a rainbow supported by the kind of trusses one might see holding up a billboard or drive-inn movie screen. All the others have made it out of the tunnel and are standing out on the grass with me. There is a strong wind that I discover will lift me up off the ground a few feet if I lean into it at the correct angle. The others see me do this and try it for themselves. We are all hovering off the ground a few feet like kites in the wind. It starts hailing but it doesn't hurt as it pelts us. I feel very exhilarated and when I wake from this dream, a euphoric feeling stays with me for several days....
*This dream would be the start of many inspiring dreams that would find their way into my storybook.


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