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Lovely work Mary.
-- Dina Johnson, 8/17/22

There are not enough great adjectives on the planet to describe Mary's work. WOW!!!
-- Dina Johnson, 6/9/21

I visited the website several years ago, and I have been privileged to visit the studio, however there are some amazing additions here that are new to me! Beautiful work!
-- Kayle Hertz, 1/12/21

I just found your website through the VHS Monday Update. Also a quilter of 30 years, I appreciate the opportunity to see your beautiful creations. Thank you for sharing. I am the former Donna Wiggin, Class of '58.
-- Donna Barth, 12/5/20

I am so amazed by your creations. Your talent is beyond belief. I have see a lot of quilts in my 80 years, and yours are among the most impressive. The free-hand aspect is remarkable. Would love seeing them in person. Thank you for ‘finally’ sharing, Marty!!!
-- Judi Stansbury Klinefelter, 11/29/20

This is beautiful! It is wonderful to document your journey. I’ll come back often.
-- Pam Berry, 11/27/20

Mary! Your work is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your website with me. It makes me itch to get my quilting projects out, angel
-- Angel Janssen, 3/24/14

What a beautiful body of work. Your colors have always been amazing.
-- Pam Berry, 3/1/14

Enjoy seeing your creations
-- Pinky, 1/11/14

What a great showing of your art work! Looking forward to the next art quilt.
-- Charlene, 12/31/13

Mary, love all you have done...
-- Maggie Miller, 12/27/13

Your work is awesome.
-- Valerie, 12/15/13

Outstanding art
-- Ellen, 12/13/13

i just found your website i must say it fantastic the graphics are wonderful keep up the good work.
-- William, 11/8/13

Wow! Great new website...
-- Kayle Hertz, 10/3/13

Let me be the first to tell you what a great website this is. Congratulations on a job well done. ☺
-- Marty, 9/7/13