The Ceremony of Sacrifice or Victim
Ritually, the sheep is a figure of religious celebration that symbolizes the covenant between
man and God. The sheep that will make its appearance this year at BEIRUT ART FAIR will be
called Faro. Faro is the descendant of the rites of sacrifices offered to God. Its biblical
appearance dates back to the episode of “Abraham’s Sacrifice”. Through the immaterial belief
of the latter, Faro is made a symbol of equality and peace among men. It becomes the subject
and the symbol of obedience to the Creator.
Officially invited by BEIRUT ART FAIR 2015: Faro makes its public entry. It is not a sacrifice
offered by Abraham to God, but rather it is a creature frightened by the social context and the
public space in which it finds itself.
Also, the aesthetic intervention - shearing and tattooing - that Faro will suffer is no less than a metaphorical representation of a live filmed event, and imbued with irony and humor. Its ceremonial welcome announced by the press and its disorientation in a mundane venue make us sensitive to the panic and the danger experienced by Faro. This scene exposes Faro to a reversal of status, the latter being forced to evolve in a “fabricated” world which isolates it from its true nature. It is no longer the symbol of the sacrifice offered to God, but rather the victim of an economic power based on the socio-religious and political conflicts within the Arab world.


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