Monsoon cows
   I am a British artist living in Leeds, Yorkshire.   My paintings touch on myth, ritual, and magic;  the human imagination in all its forms engages me.

    Most of the pictures here are acrylic on canvas, many with added textures.
 As important to me as the image is the physicality of the paint itself, and I'm always pleased for visitors to see the actual paintings and "feel" the materials.

    Originals and prints of originals are for sale.   For
 sales, exhibitions, collaborations, please use the contact page.  For general comments please use the guestbook, or the comments link under individual paintings. 

Thank you!


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What a beautiful painting! I love the mysterious blue depths, the simple shapes of cattle and trees, the hints of a parched landscape. This is one I would like to live with. Is it part of a series?
-- Julia Bush, 1/30/13