self portrait
My paintings tend to take me by surprise.  When they are going well, everything is satisfying and harmonious, the colours and forms seem to pick themselves. At other times it’s a battlefield.

Attracted to myths and tales, I start a painting with only a loose idea of the finished work; a picture may take months (sometimes a couple of years) before it's complete.   Living in many foreign places as a child, other cultures and ideas have strongly impressed me.  I use painting to explore areas which I can't express verbally, and which often involve using metaphors for ideas/feelings which don't seem to be readily recognised within current society.

Painting in acrylics allows inclusion of other materials, such as sand, earth, ground marble, hair, wool, paper etc.  Acrylics enable the build up of layers and veils giving subtlety and nuance, while sometimes I use oils, which don't allow mixed media effects so easily. 

I won a national art prize for schoolchildren when I was thirteen. I went on to study languages at university, and then art history at postgraduate level.  I continued to paint and draw on my own, then studied under Patrick Oliver for several years.

Some past exhibitions include

  • Onzone Gallery, Stonegate, 2022
  • Brass Agency, Alma Road, Headingley
  •  Kala Sangam arts centre, Bradford, 2017  Nov-Dec
  • Arch Cafe, Leeds city centre,  May-July 2017
  • East Street Arts Open Studios, Leeds,  July 2015
  • St Stephens Church (Kirkstall Arts Festival)  July 2015
  •  Holy Trinity Arts Centre,  Leeds,  (March 2014.)
  • Chapel Allerton ArtsTrail (August 2013)
  • Costello's Cafe, Headingley (July/August 2013)
  • Headingley LitFest, talk about feminine archetypes in the paintings (March 2013)
  • The Courthouse Gallery, Otley (April/May 2012)
  • Heart Gallery, Headingley  (December/January 2011/12)
  • Beck Arts Open Houses, Meanwood (October 2010)
  • Flux Gallery, Leeds  (June 2009)
  • Triangle Arts, Headingley (September 2008)


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