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Golly they are amazing and beautiful and moving.
-- Janet, 8/20/23

Love your work Lilliane! Keep going!
-- Sibylle, 3/18/21

Your paintings are so suggesting and oniric...I love them! Ruth
-- Ruth, 3/5/18

Totally beautiful and amazing.
-- Jan, 8/20/17

Good Afternoon Lilliane, I once took one of your Flamenco courses in Leeds. Are you doing any more in Leeds or surrounding areas any time soon I do hope so, loved your classes. Regards, Heather.
-- Heather Parker, 3/17/15

I love this site, and your work. Your commentaries are not essential to my enjoyment of your paintings, but they do add an extra dimension. I like your unpretentious, authentic self-explanations. The paintings do 'speak for themselves', of course. I think your vivid response to a colourful yet mysterious world becomes stronger in each new series. My favourites are the Fairish Tales - specially the Auspicious Dream.
-- Julia Bush, 1/19/15

Andrew Henning MartenssonThis art of yours, Lilliane, is very unusually different. It really can't be described with words, but gives great pleasure in the viewing. I love the colors, the interweaving of lines and colors, and the unusual subject matter. Thanks
-- Andrew Henning Martensson, 8/31/14

Hi Lilliane, well have just seen your paintings for the first time. I am quite blown away by their beauty and colours and diversity. They are amazing. Be wonderful to see them as actual paintings and not just on the computer.
-- Janet Mann, 8/16/14

Hi Lillianne just want to add my comment here about your prints . I think they are rich exquisite and fabulously detailed. I love the joint work that you have done with poet Linda Marshall also. May it continue !!
-- Helen Burke, 8/6/14

Hi Lilliane I think the paintings are very thoughtful deep and emotional I like them very much.
-- David Gomera, 2/5/13

I find Lilliane's paintings emotionally fulfilling and inspiring. I enjoy writing poems about them as they are multi-facetted and rich in colour and meaning. Each one is unique with its own style and story, but all are decorative, some with bold colour and extensive patterning. Any one of these paintings would transform a wall.
-- Linda Marshall, 1/28/13

Hello Lilliane. This is a blast from your Flamenco past. Nice paintings. Very evocative. Hope you're doing well. Sue
-- Susan Reid-povall, 1/24/13