Destiny Won't Wait

Destiny Won’t Wait

We wither when we wait

Never postpose a dance with fate

Let him brush your brow- make promises for tomorrow

For hidden between seductive words and sultry glances

Your Destiny prances

She cleverly chooses Fate as her disguise

Lurking in his shadow awaiting prying eyes

You mush want me – she teases

The smell of your fear displeases

Fate frantically blows you kisses on the wind

Don’t be fooled friend, he claims

She and I are the same

You but know us by different names

Truth be told, they are twins

Where one ends - the other begins

The gate between them is your Soul

Will it wonder through the garden

Or walk on and take control

We wither when we wait to dance

Your destiny does not linger for chance

She looks for you to make a choice

When you don’t, you’ll hear Fate rejoice

Don’t cry sister, it was me – Fate

She replies clearly- Destiny won’t wait


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