And as promised...


If  I had a storm drain near my house, you can BET that I'd do this...!!
Get a roll of curling ribbon...tie a rock to the end... drop it into said drain until it hits bottom.  Then tie on a red helium balloon, cut to desired length and watch the merriment begin!


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Okay... it's been a long month in the past week...


So I managed to somehow crash my laptop losing all contacts, messages, etc.  About the same time, my phone battery zeroed out and I can't find it. a new and improved one arrives Wednesday... and hopefully I can retrieve from there.
And now, my highly anticipated Halloween tip for the day... for those planning to dress as a chicken or other bird, yellow Playtex Living Gloves make great bird feet! Just shove your feet in and you'll be the envy of all your friends!!
Allegedly.  Perhaps another one tomorrow...


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Slowly Resuming Regular Programming


Returning to Job One of Two today.  Really would like to have this week free as nothing was accomplished around home last week, understandably.
But still have ideas and stuff to share...STAY TUNED!


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Due to my brother's unexpected passing last night, I will resume later.


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