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"BEEDEE EYE GALLERY " Artwork by Barbara Bell...

Artist directory :: "BEEDEE EYE GALLERY " Artwork by Barbara Bell Dubovsky...

A 12 block sampler of elaborate quilted designs. Hand quilted with white thread on white fabric surrounded by a Flying Geese border and an outer white quilted border. Double bed size (full size). Completed in 1987. It was a great practice quilt for improving hand quilting skills. Click on photo to see close up detail of the quilting.

Victorian Sampler

Every Quilt Has a Story

Special quilts from my collection that are worthy of display.


Barbara Dubovsky  
Welcome to my gallery! Thanks for taking a peek! Please sign my guestbook if you would like to be notified of new additions to the gallery. Artist's Bio: Inspired by God's creations, travel, gardens, and other artists such as Cathy Cotter-Smith, Soon Y. Warren, Joseph Raffael, Birgit O'Connor, Van Gogh, Klimt, Monet and Michelangelo. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PURCHASING MY ART, PLEASE CONTACT FOR PRICING INFORMATION. GICLEE PRINTS ARE AVAILABLE ON SOME WORKS, UPON REQUEST. Barbara Bell Dubovsky Carpe Diem CURRICULUM VITAE Education: Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI Art Courses (non-degree seeking) at Collin College, Plano, TX - 55+ semester hours of studio classes...


Texas Birds 4 items
Grand Canyon Series Landscapes inspired by a 7 day rafting trip through the heart of the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River.
Brand new!  Watercolor without glass! A new series of original paintings mounted on wood cradles. UV and moisture protected.
Pastel 15 items
Studio Work - figure drawing Live models. All work done in Collin College studio class.
Exhibitions Current and past competitions, shows and exhibits


Something New
I will be trying 3D art for the first time. This could lead to ceramics, or sculpture of all kinds!

Favorite artists
It's interesting to browse online galleries and watch YouTube videos created by other artists. My favorite watercolor artists are Joseph Raffael, Birgit O'Connor, Leslie Redhead, and Shirley Trevena.

Endless Possibility
I am bursting with inspiration! I have a long waiting list of paintings to be done. Watercolor has become an obsession. I can paint for 8 hour stretches and wish I could do more.

I've surprised myself. Didn't think I would actually like painting with watercolors. It's an amazingly versatile medium. Hoping to get better at this with every attempt. I now do one large piece per week.

Local Art Venues
It seems that municipalities are all getting into the act! Art attracts crowds and crowds eat, spend money, etc. etc. Good for the local economy!

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