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Dana Levine

Artist directory :: Dana Levine

My aim as an artist is to express the richness of nature and the human form. My vision as a photographer is to infuse light, atmosphere and mystery into my work, and create beauty from things we may never notice.

         Dana Levine


Dana Levine 
I studied art history and chemistry in school - an unlikely combination, you say - and spent my professional career as a scientist and science educator. After moving to San Diego I renewed my interest in art and took up photography. Artists and scientists strive to see nature with a fresh eye. As a scientist, I've discovered how tiny molecules interact and transform their world. As a teacher, I've helped learners use science to explore their surroundings, think logically, and reach conclusions based on their experiments. As an artist, I think in visual, impressionistic images rather than chemical symbols and mathematical equations. I primarily exhibit my work in San Diego and have had one woman shows at Emory University in Atlanta and Scripps...


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San Diego, CA 92122
United States


Unguarded Moments People, doing what comes naturally. Most of these are "street photography" taken of people who are unaware they are being photographed.
Places I'm especially drawn to quiet, tranquil places with lots of atmosphere.
Mostly Black and White Sometimes color is a distraction and I choose to remove it from my image.
Abstracts Take a close look at the composition and hone in on what's essential
Still Life It often refers to inanimate objects on display.
Portraits Portraits are meant to reveal character and mood.
Water and Sky Blue is my favorite color, and here in San Diego, I am surrounded by cerulean skies and ever changing colors of the ocean.
Symmetry When I merge one image with its mirror image, I often am able to create new shapes where they join together.
Body Language Revealing emotion through one's body.
Enigma Enigma, in this context, means a puzzling situation or a picture containing a hidden meaning.


Art Notes by Dana Levine: Quietude and Contemplation
Blog by Dana Levine discussing photographs that evoke sense of quietude and contemplation. Photographs taken at La Jolla Shores Beach and at Mission San Juan Capistrano

Art Notes by Dana Levine: High Anxiety or Serenity?
How am I dealing with anxiety and becoming calmer during the past few months of the Covid-19 pandemic? In creating art, I learn a lot about my inner feelings

Early Morning Workout at Del Mar: A Photo Essay
A behind the scenes look at the early morning workout a the Del Mar Racetrack one Saturday morning in August.

Art Notes from Dana Levine June 2018
The Human Form: Everything Old is New Again An artistic genius who "breaks the mold" presents the world with a revolutionary visual concept. Each one shows us a new facet of nature or the human condition in paint, stone or other medium. But are the revolutionary ideas entirely new?

Art Notes from Dana Levine March 2017
Musings on Portraiture I have been thinking a lot about portraits lately because I will be giving a talk on the subject at UC San Diego in June. A good portrait is a revelation; it gives us insight into the heart and personality of a person. But.... my premise for the lecture will be that it also reveals much about the artist.

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