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Grafixgirlive Art Galleries, Poetry, Essays,...

Artist directory :: Grafixgirlive Art Galleries, Poetry, Essays, Spiritual...

I like to share with you my artwork, my thoughts and personal experiences . Spiritual Growth , Awakening, Buddha, HPB, metaphysics, Quantum Consciousness, Peace on Earth, the Universe - Cosmic Divine. The Light. We Are The One...... Welcome to my world!

Grafixgirlive Art Galleries, Poetry, Essays, Spiritual Science


Olga Stolyarchik 
Hello Everyone. I've born and raised in Russia city Perm. My family were a professional classical musicians. My grandmother sung all first soprano roles in Italian and Russian languages and a grandfather has perfect pitch and assisted the conductor by starting his violin. He was a first violinist in the symphony orchestra in the theater of the Opera and Ballet in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Both of them performed on stage over a half of the 20th Century. I grew up in the Bohemian lifestyle with daily rehearsals, music, art and loving it . As a kid I've played small parts in the opera plays (a mouse in The "Nutcracker", a servant in "Othello", etc). Finished 7 years in music school taking a piano lessons. In high school my major was Astronomy, Russian...


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Santa Monica, CA 90405
United States


Art is the life Everything imaginable
Dreams in Other Dimensions Spiritual thoughts interpreted through artwork
Globes Planets Places Forms and figures representing images of the infinite space, far away galaxies and lifeforms.
The Masks Different masks. Scary, ugly, mystical, and more
Ancient Lands. Ural. Photographs Ural in Sanskrit mean near by the Sun Ural. Perm city. Permian Period. Great Extinction. Esoteric view. Root-races Arian- Slav-Vedic The land where I've born and lived for 27 years –is around 200 million years old
The Universe Inspiring Wisdom of Our Great Masters, quotes and words of inspiration with a background graphic art and photos from around the world. My mornings starts from the Thought of the day. The Thought creating a vision.


Self-actualizing Mind
What appears to be the end, may really be a New Beginning

Revival. The story about the life circulation on the Planet Earth. Based on the image drawing

Awake The World
World Peace. Spirituality. Unity. Knowledge.

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