Awake The World

Awake the world.

According to the world news about 50% all humankind will experiences in 2012 a spiritual awakening.

There are lacking of the spirituality in 1/3 if not more. The Spiritual Awakening requires a unique process of the individual and within that process each person must find a connection with their inner world and realize that they must change the whole prospective of the thinking.

Do you believe it is possible?

To bring the light to everyone who is unaware. .What the societies they all belongs when the individual negativity will meet the forces of the darkness become ?

If I will find anyone in the world, who had identical episodes of exact the same miracles, it will a newly discovered The One Tue Miracle.

It will be amazing if people shares just one, which many of us can found suitable for sharing a Full Spiritual Awakening.

I was growing up in Russia during the Soviet regime when the word God was prohibited. I was for the most of my life, a one stubborn mind, believed none above pure scientific proof. Except one that ultimately make me a who I am now. Since being a child watching the sky above with a billion + distant stars, my faith in Absolute Universe, beginning to grow from the seed When at 15 years old a curious teen, I learned the astronomy. And I dug and dug into more and more, continue digging....

What I found beyond the constellations, wasn't completely conclusive. What was conclusive, that It was found me. It walked me step by step, with the soft and noninvasive wisdom, the only One Wisdom Of the Universe, that make my non-trusting mind slowly allow to process forward and finally break beyond, of which the science can explain. Years later something like the true forgiveness, (which was the hardest thing for me to learn) and less than a year ago the level of the Spiritual Awareness reaches to the point for Full Awakening. After that the transformation never stops. Everyday the Ego be able to progress the Higher Mind thoughts and ideas. I am changing the way of thinking and truly amazed not only all the people around me, it continue amazes myself.

What I am (learning by ear English) trying to said is: if people willing to open up and share the Spiritual Awakenings, it will help everyone. . I do truly believe if more people in the world awake their spirituality, it may helps eventually our world become someday in the future a better place.


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