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Hello Everyone.
I've born and raised in Russia city Perm.  My family were a professional classical musicians.  My grandmother sung all first soprano roles in Italian and Russian languages and a grandfather has perfect pitch and assisted the conductor by starting his violin. He was a first violinist in the symphony orchestra in the theater of the Opera and Ballet in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Both of them performed on stage over a half of the 20th Century. I grew up in the Bohemian lifestyle with daily rehearsals, music, art and loving it . As a kid I've played small parts in the opera plays (a mouse in The "Nutcracker", a servant in "Othello", etc).  Finished 7 years in music school taking a piano lessons.
In high school my major was Astronomy,  Russian language, and literature. Come to  America in 1993, reunited with my father after 17 years. Self taught the English language without of school or books. Studied at the Art Academy the basics in sculpting, drawing and painting. I like to write a poetry and currently working on the autobiography book. But because I have no formal education in English language a grammar and sentencing often coming out wrong, I am apologize for that. This is one of my challenges, be able to speak my mind in words which is so far from perfection. In the poem "Tears is Good Sometimes" I explain why is my writing has so many errors.  My poems are dark and heavy in parts but it is truth in recollection of my life enlighten and inspiring at the end. Poetry is one of the creative outlets cleansing the toxic emotions and pains. Creation of the beauty is in my handmade jewelery collection.  I love to being an artist and create anything that envision and a muse desires. I am theosophist, Reiki healer, have some knowledge of astrology, parapsychology, Cosmology, Higher levels of Consciousness, astral traveling  and metaphysics, interested in spirituality science and the Universe is my God and the Teacher. I play some base guitar, grunge, alternative.  I feel vibrations of energies with or without of channeling and rarely meditate but in contact with astral worlds 24-7, feel the Universe, It's present and mighty Love. The world is a chaotic place, many people living in the bubble. So was I. My early years artwork shows that darkness and pressure. There is no more negative energy from it, I make sure dark images have nothing left but the images alone. My new art pieces a transformation to the Light. Following my soul, I broke my dark bubble. And Universe gave me so much Love, Awoken a new person inside. Later I become a Light Warrior. There is much more about me can be discover in these pages. I am finding something new about myself everyday.
Thank you
Olga (Grafixgirlive)


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Hi Olga, You seem like such an interesting person and I love your artwork. I'm also an artist and I work a lot with photoshop. My artwork has almost everything to do with my spiritual awakening. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing information about yourself and showing your beautiful work. You are very talented. From an artist to an artist, I just wanted to say keep up the great work and if you are ever interested in seeing my work, just send me an email or add me on facebook and I would be more than happy to show you my work. By the way your grammar rocks! You said that it is far from perfect but I understood you perfectly :) I hope to hear from you soon. Take care! Love and Light, Julie
-- Julie, 9/7/12

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