Self-actualizing Mind

Self-actualizing Mind


The new beginning

In one poem I explained how I got here:..." I have to feel the own death to find the answers, why I've born. I fought so many demons they're tear me a part in karmic storm. Until my lifeless soul was saved by the Light , and my Mind begin transform" It is not happens until people realize that they are have to unlock their mind and hearts to listen inner voice of the God, Universe inside, fully trusts and go for it!!! Anyone is welcome to a "School of Own Consciousness" - a place for our soul higher development. For the answers, we all want to know the true. But we are ofter get confused and overwhelmed from over-saturated with a bull ...., tainted with provocative and often misleading information, mass media sources. The real truth is within Us. Minds once begin arise , and we are begin to arise with the light, weightless, leaving behind a luggage full of past life's utopia material, emotional, physical, mental -blocks. These blocks built into a prison, sadly many people sees that prison as safe comfort zone. Break free, open a NEW YOU. The answers will follows, upon each new discoveries, new prospective, a NEW Perception.

A new word learned in the Book of Wisdom, will be identified as part of our new, personal characteristic.

Here is a great example on English word, that is not yet used nearly enough, but shall be considering: SELF - ACTUALIZING.

Read below the key characteristics of self-actualized people and if you are not be able to identify within, your thoughts and actions, start working on that, NOW.

This is a step forward for a soul development. A new Perception will have an answer about Your purpose in this lifetime :-)

Acceptance and Realism: Self-actualized people have realistic perceptions of themselves, others and the world around them.

Problem-centering: Self-actualized individuals are concerned with solving problems outside of themselves, including helping others and finding solutions to problems in the external world. These people are often motivated by a sense of personal responsibility and ethics.

Spontaneity: Self-actualized people are spontaneous in their internal thoughts and outward behavior. While they can conform to rules and social expectations, they also tend to be open and unconventional.

Autonomy and Solitude: Another characteristics of self-actualized people is the need for independence and privacy. While they enjoy the company of others, these individuals need time to focus on developing their own individual potential.

Continued Freshness of Appreciation: Self-actualized people tend to view the world with a continual sense of appreciation, wonder and awe. Even simple experiences continue to be a source of inspiration and pleasure.


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I just opened the page and can see that I can spend hours revealing its mysteries...very engrossing.. !
-- Puneet Sodhi, 5/30/15

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