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Explorations of both internal and external worlds (if there is a distinction?) through ideas, art, music, mathematics, language, photography, philosophy and whatever other means come to hand!



Philip James Guest 
Welcome to my shoebox! I trained as an artist. Now I work as a teacher. Sometimes those two roles intertwine in interesting ways! Being open to new discoveries can often be more exciting (and educational) than the demonstration of what is (historically) known. Creating a space for active discovery seems like an interesting goal for art as well as education. Please feel welcome to contact me with any comments, corrections, questions or new ideas! Philip Guest


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13215 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90066
United States


Irrational Building Blocks Irrational should not be a scary word, or carry mystic connotations. The ratios "which can not be described" are perfectly clear and simple, it's a quirk of language rather than reason that they don't fit into our naming system . .
Enneongrams Exploring 3:6:9 Ratios Image Processed Images Originals images &ideas are here.
Platonic Softies Mathematical Toys for infants who haven't moved on to solids yet!!
Progressive Geometry Polygons Around a Point Demonstrating the sequence from Plane to Solid to Hyperbolic Geometry Compiling and unifying work from galleries: Platonic Softies Excessive Space
Excessive Space Here is a kind of "specimen cupboard" for the logical, but much less predictable, forms that are emerging as I progress from the solid geometry of "Platonic Softies"
Non-Euclidian Playground Structures Summer Camp 2014 Now properly called: "Euclidian and Non-Euclidian Playground Structures for Guinea-Pigs and Toddlers". Below are the prototypes, followed by the "post-types". Maquettes are here. Images from the actual camp are here.
Sulbasutram Vedic Fire Altar Geometry (. . . also a possible kindergarten toy ?) See Blog Entry Here
Pythagoras Music as Geometry Some ideas from Geometry exercises with 6th - 8th Grade students Some ideas from Gyorgy Doczi Also check out my Geometer's Notebook
Music Rudolph Steiner indicates that when you start to teach Physics (Grade VI) you need to start with Music ("Acoustics"), as this is how the Universe was created! n.b.
Ancient Greek Musical Theory for Practical Classroom Use Special Project from Teacher Training "Of all the pompous asses, I am the pomposious assyist!"
Organon Notes from a course in Formal Logic
Scriabin Toy Dodecahedron. First of a series of composers' dice. This one was a lot of work!
Logic Cards A game for teaching logic! Under development!
Syllogism 28 items
Sulbasutram Toys An interesting variation on Montessori's "Trinomial Square"? Links to: Gallery Blog Downloads available here!
Kite & Dart I would like to get the pieces made as ceramic tiles - infinite variations over any size surface!
Holiday Card! Here are some ideas for games you can play with your Holiday Card - just In case you have any idle moments! Download my Holiday Card here!
Color Exercise = Beach Britches Complementary Colors &The Three Planes of Space. A color exercise developed!
P.S.T. Trunks Primary : Secondary : Tertiary A second series of Beach Britches that really allowed me to "Play with Color"!
Ba Gua I Ching paintings in arrangement
I Ching No matter where you are starting from, three simple choices are enough to get you anywhere else. . The I-Ching presents logical permutation pictures of the flow of movement through a sequence of successive binary choices. .
David Hume Experience:Idea:Belief or Eternal:Ephemeral, Intelligent:Unintelligible
Ink Pencils Derwent "Inktense" solid ink pencils. Brought these for geometry mostly. Very nice so far!
Budgerigar Budgerigar Colorways Inspired by Spangles! n.b. As there are no green feathers on a budgie - neither is there green paint in these paintings!
Opposition & Reconciliation More Six Color Exercises Maximum Contrast : Maximum Blend
Color Exercises - Six Color All the permutations: Primaries, Secondaries, Black &White
Color Exercises - CMYK I gots me some paints with my "retirement money"! (I'm twice the age I was when I last had some gouache!) Here's some first steps towards building a vocabulary - starting with two and three color paintings (with black and white)


New Squares On The Block!
Using Triangles to construct Squares gives an extra layer of possibilities (before resorting to addition and subtraction = Sulbasutrum 50 & 51).

Geometer's Notebook
Miscellaneous Geometrical Explorations

Secrets of the Pyramids!
Two versions of constructing a pyramid inside a cube. Work in progress!

Obsolete Squares Retirement Home
I really like this "Irrational Building Blocks" project, but as I progress I increase my vocabulary and technique to the extent that first (and subsequent) drafts need updating. As each of these includes a thought process and may even offer a "path not taken" I wanted to offer them a retirement space rather than simply consign them to oblivion!

Golden Sections & Square Roots
Exploring the construction of squares whose roots are not whole numbers.

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