Music as Geometry
Some ideas from Geometry exercises with 6th - 8th Grade students
Some ideas from Gyorgy Doczi

Also check out my Geometer's Notebook

Design for a Wizard's Hat! Design for a Wizard's Hat!
Adjustable to fit all sizes!

Colored Icosahedron Colored Icosahedron
Yellow through blue.

Process info: here

Colored Icosahedron Colored Icosahedron
- attempting reconciliation of light and dark.

. . . not sure if this is working yet but...

Icosohedron Light Transition - Surface Icosohedron Light Transition - Surface
Trying to be consistent with a single point of light.

Icosahedron Vertices Icosahedron Vertices
One color at each vertex playing out over a pentagon of five triangles.
Each triangle is a...

Atomic Triangles Atomic Triangles
. . . to construct Molecular Icosahedron

2a = c 
b = √3 = 2”

Download: h...

Pythagoras' Lute Pythagoras' Lute
Went back to this after an ex-student posted a satelitte photo of Hurricane Sandy as a...

Golden Triangles from Pythagoras' Lute Golden Triangles from Pythagoras' Lute
Join the long edges to make the spiral!

Hexagram with Tertiary Colors Hexagram with Tertiary Colors
This was a great discovery! Will return in paint!

Projection Without a Circle from Points Within (8) Projection Without a Circle from Points Within (8)
N.B. The inner and outer circles have a fixed relationship, as the projector expands or...

Decagon Possibilities Decagon Possibilities
A simple thing - but I have this flower in my garden and the humming bird really likes it!

Template for Icosahedron/Dodecahedron Template for Icosahedron/Dodecahedron
. . . with the same length edges.


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Here are some of the ideas that I have been exploring.

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